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    2019 Working Meeting of Sinochem Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

    On January 25, 2019, the 2019 working meeting of Sinochem Jiangsu Co., Ltd. was held in Nanjing. All employees of the company attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the company's operating performance in 2018 and deployed the priorities in 2019.

    To begin with, Chief Financial Officer Huang Yonghong gave the performance report for 2018. As Mr. Huang pointed out, the external environment in 2018 was complex and changeable. Faced with the challenges of market changes and policy adjustment, the company actively grasped business opportunities and resolved unfavorable factors, achieving an upsurge in financial index and operating performance. Driven by medical equipment and other strategic business, the company's pre-tax profit has reached a record high. Subsequently, Secretary of the Party Committee Dong Jianhua gave a report on development plan of the company. Mr. Dong analyzed the development trend of the company’s future business in the aspect of external market and internal environment. He pointed out that the company was confronted with emerging challenges due to changeable market and the elevation of the group’s internal assessment standards while it also obtained policy opportunities thanks to the deepened reform of the medical and health care system. In the future, Sinochem Jiangsu is supposed to consistently accelerate strategic transformation and upgrading, centering on main industry of medicine and medical equipment.

    All employees attended determined to grasp the opportunities of the times to improve their professional proficiency, bring their work value into full play and demonstrate their team power, and finally acquire better career development in the company’s platform and bring about greater operating profits for the company.