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    Work Safety

    Sinochem Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD. has always attached importance to safe production for many years. The Corporation actively carries out the guidance, examination and supervision of safe production management and environmental protection over the subsidiary---- Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Chemicals warehouse Co. according to the safe production requirements from Sinochem on the subsidiaries and holding companies. Sinochem Pharmaceutical has already formed the institution in which the above warehouse Co. and the holding company shall be examined on basis of seasons and holidays and two companies shall conduct routine safe supervisions and examinations, including overall examinations of every position, especially key situations such as warehousing of dangerous chemicals, employees' labour protections, production facilities and fire fighting installations. The Corporation also has asked the two companies to create any condition in order to execute "Safety, Health and Environment" (SHE) standard, actively to launch exercise of safe preparatory program for emergency and to implement safe production education and training in the enterprise, workshop and team levels so that safe production can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, "No pollutant" drainage projects have been executed in the two companies according to the National Administration of Environmental Protection and local environmental protection authorities so that drainage of the waste water and rain water can be controlled effectively in order to not harm the public environment and perform the promises of Sinochem to the public.